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Increment version
Signed-off-by: trivernis <>
1 year ago
src Add job status to maintenance menu 1 year ago
src-tauri Increment version 1 year ago
.browserslistrc Fix browserlist and import fail on duplicate tags 2 years ago
.editorconfig Add extended filtering implementation 2 years ago
.eslintrc.json Refactor and update to new API types 2 years ago
.gitignore Modify release script to use python script based build 2 years ago
LICENSE Create LICENSE 2 years ago
angular.json Add chart to repository details 2 years ago
karma.conf.js initial commit 2 years ago
package.json Increment version 1 year ago Change search input to accept property filters as well 2 years ago
tsconfig.json Update dependencies and es version requirements 2 years ago
tsconfig.spec.json initial commit 2 years ago
yarn.lock Fix csp errors 2 years ago