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trivernis 95afc8c8e1
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.8.0 7 months ago
trivernis efbb7d9d1b
Mark parse errors as related errors 7 months ago
trivernis 9daa78ee62
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.7.0 7 months ago
trivernis 949e270e39
Upgrade nu version 7 months ago
trivernis a283d435e7
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.6.0 8 months ago
trivernis 9f259878dd
Update command groups with new and deprecated commands 8 months ago
trivernis 667d672dc5
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.5.6 8 months ago
trivernis cddda175eb
Re-export nu parser 8 months ago
trivernis d3810d19ed
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.5.5 8 months ago
trivernis b6cff37de4
Improve test for add var 8 months ago
trivernis 1e7c71095d
Add set_var to context
Closes #2
8 months ago
trivernis 2edbf12a42
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.5.4 9 months ago
trivernis 05aadacb2f
Re-export nu_engine 9 months ago
trivernis 419ba14ee9
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.5.3 9 months ago
trivernis a2bb990593
Add system command bindings for systems that are neither windows now unix 9 months ago
trivernis 31a1f2c2d0
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.5.2 9 months ago
trivernis 7dbdd7f645
Fix build errors on windows caused by os specific commands 9 months ago
trivernis 9c525c6c28
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.5.1 10 months ago
trivernis 5eae7422af
Add error code and help 10 months ago
trivernis 916dfa0f8d
Add Diagnostic implementation for crate error 10 months ago
trivernis f3bb9b58e3
chore: Release embed-nu version 0.5.0 10 months ago
trivernis 19c0094d4d
Update nu 10 months ago
trivernis cf9086e4e1
Update nu version 12 months ago
trivernis 691f91efdf
Fix mutability of get_var 1 year ago
trivernis 06828e6266
Update dependencies 1 year ago
trivernis 39f3b9b8df
Add a function to read variables from the nu executor state 1 year ago
trivernis bdaedca75b
Export ValueIntoExpression 1 year ago
trivernis 9932f1e8ac
Expose RustyIntoValue trait 1 year ago
trivernis 42bcf488c6
Update rusty-value 1 year ago
trivernis 875295f0f4
Add support for adding custom commands to the engine 1 year ago
trivernis aac17a0226
Change how rusty value is re-exported and used 1 year ago
trivernis 3fa343d26c
Update rusty value 1 year ago
trivernis d954c06d21
Reexport nu protocol value 1 year ago
trivernis 3f16466b3a
Fix RawValue having only private fields 1 year ago
trivernis 004392531d
Expose IntoExpression 1 year ago
trivernis 30a7d92f7e
Expose IntoArgument 1 year ago
trivernis f1c2e7bdf8
Update rusty-value 1 year ago
trivernis ff65fef3d8
Update rusty_value and change handling of newtypes 1 year ago
trivernis 54f7d606d1
Add badges to README 1 year ago
trivernis f2b76b3b3f
Update rusty-value
Signed-off-by: trivernis <>
1 year ago
trivernis 074005f503
Add doc comments and cargo metadata 1 year ago
trivernis b91f7c5520
Fix expression builder for maps 1 year ago
trivernis 895945fb78
Add IntoArgment trait to pass arguments directly without wrapping them 1 year ago
trivernis ca5057ea04
Add eval and argument implementation
Signed-off-by: trivernis <>
1 year ago
trivernis 247550ac4e
Rename builder to context builder and add context to eval scripts 1 year ago
trivernis 06f64abb18
Add rusty-value serialization support for nu values 1 year ago
trivernis 7c2545d593
Add environment variable and variable functions to builder 1 year ago
trivernis 830e90761e
Add state builder with command state
Signed-off-by: trivernis <>
1 year ago