Hydrus tagging with pixiv tags
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Pixiv Tagging for Hydrus

This program allows you to automatically tag files stored in hydrus with tags retrieved from pixiv by using saucenao.


You need to have cargo installed and can just do

cargo install hydrus-utils

Or build the binary yourself. You need a rust-toolchain installation (for example with rustup).

git clone https://github.com/Trivernis/hydrus-utils.git
cd hydrus-utils
cargo build --release


    hydrus-pixiv-tagger [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --hydrus-key <hydrus-key> --saucenao-key <saucenao-key>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
        --inbox      Searches in the inbox instead
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --finish-tag <finish-tag>        Tag that is assigned to files that have been processed
        --hydrus-key <hydrus-key>        The hydrus client api key
        --hydrus-url <hydrus-url>        The url to the hydrus client api [default:]
        --saucenao-key <saucenao-key>    The saucenao api key
        --tag-service <tag-service>      The tag service the tags will be assigned to [default: my tags]
    -t, --tags <tags>...                 Tags used to search for files


    --hydus-key <key>\
    --hydrus-url \
    --saucenao-key <key2>\
    --tag-service 'public tag repository'\
    --tags 'meta:tagme' 
    --hydus-key <key>\
    --hydrus-url \
    --saucenao-key <key2>\
    --tag-service 'my tags'
    --finish-tag 'meta:automatically_tagged'