Rust wrapper for minecraft-data
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This repository is a rust library to access minecraft data. The data itself hosted in the minecraft-data repository and included into the library at compile time.

Excluding the minecraft-data at compile time

By adding default-features=false to the dependency in your Cargo.toml file, you can exclude the minecraft-data from the library.


use std::collections::HashMap;
use minecraft_data_rs::Api;
use minecraft_data_rs::models::food::Food;
use minecraft_data_rs::models::version::Version;

// create an api wrapper for the latest stable version
let api = Api::latest().expect("failed to retrieve latest version");
let food: Vec<Food> = api.foods.foods_array().unwrap();

for food in food {
    println!("When eating {} you gain {} food points",, food.food_points);


Feature Description
include-data includes the whole minecraft-data repository in the binary
api enables the api to query minecraft data


This project is Licensed under MIT.