A reddit download script.
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riddle.py CodeFactor License: GPL v3

This is a script for downloading images (or other media) from reddit subreddits.


This script requires at least Python 3.6. After cloning this repository you need to install the requirements via

pipenv install


pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Before running you need to provide information for the reddit api. To do so you must create an app in your reddit account preferences. The application must be of type 'script'. That must be done via a config.yaml file in the scripts directory. You can copy the default-config.yaml file to the config.yaml file and change the keys client_id and client_secret under credentials.

# user app credentials
  client_id: your app-client id  # change this
  client_secret: your app-client secret  # change this

# required extension of the file to be downloaded
  - png
  - jpg
  - jpeg

min-size: 5 # minimum size in kilobytes
min-mp: 0.5 # minimum siz ein megapixels


Help output

Usage: riddle.py [options] [subreddits]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c COUNT, --count=COUNT
                        The number of images to download for each subreddit.
                        If not set it is the maximum fetchable number.
  -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                        The name of the output folder. If none is specified,
                        it's the subreddits name.
  -z, --zip             Stores the images in a zip file if true
  --nsfw                If set nsfw-content is also downloaded.
  --lzma                If set the lzma-compression module is used.


Download all images from r/EarthPorn:

python3 riddle.py EarthPorn

Download all images from r/astrophotography to a zip-file:

python3 riddle.py -z astrophotography

Download a maximum of 200 images from r/astrophotography and r/EarthPorn to one zip-file named coolpics.zip:

python3 riddle.py -z -c 100 -o coolpics astrophotography EarthPorn