An extended markdown parser written in pure rust
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More than just Markdown

Documentation | Releases


This projects goal is to implement a fast markdown parser with an extended syntax fitted for my needs.

Core Features

  • Imports
  • Bibliography & Glossary
  • AsciiMath
  • Placeholders
  • Advanced Images


  • Google Chrome/Chromium (for PDF rendering)



You can download prebuilt binaries on the Releases Page.

Arch Linux

Snekdown is available in the AUR.


You need a working rust installation, for example by using rustup.

cargo install snekdown

With pdf rendering

cargo install snekdown --features pdf


Use snekdown help and snekdown <subcommand> --help for more information.


snekdown render <input> <output>


snekdown watch <input> <output>


I've created a VisualStudio Code extension for Snekdown. This extension provides a preview of snekdown files, exports and other commands similar to the cli. The source code can be found here.


The end goal is to have a markup language with features similar to LaTeX.

Short Term

  • Checkboxes
  • Emojis (:emoji:)
  • Colors
  • Watching and rendering on change
  • Metadata files
  • Bibliography
  • Math
  • Glossary
  • Chromium based pdf rendering
  • Custom Stylesheets
  • Smart arrows
  • Cross References
  • Figures
  • EPUB Rendering
  • Text sizes
  • Title pages

Long Term

  • Rewrite of the whole parsing process
  • Custom Elements via templates


This project is licensed under GPL 3.0. See LICENSE for more information.