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Crystal ISO

Build or download the Arch-based Crystal Linux iso.


How to Build:

You will have to use Arch or Arch-Based distros to build this ISO File.

  • Install Dependencies
  • Go to the project folder
  • Run ./ --build-iso to build an iso image
  • Or Run ./ --build-bootstrap to build a rootfs tarball

How to build inside of Docker or Podman:

  • The container MUST be ran as root to build.

    • Other than needing to be ran as root, it should function correctly. You may need to install a few more dependencies aside from the ones listed here.

    To enter a distrobox container as root, run distrobox enter --root boxnamehere -- bash

    (the -- bash is to ensure the container opens properly. Install your host shell afterwards to get it to open using your host shell.)