Rust version of the tobi discord bot

Updated 12 months ago

A Rust wrapper for the api

Updated 1 year ago

A crate for parsing AsciiMath in rust.

Updated 2 years ago

The firmware for a microcontroller with a gas sensor

Updated 3 months ago

An async wrapper for aur rpc calls

Updated 11 months ago

Bibliography handling simplified

Updated 3 years ago

A flexible ipc rust library supporting several protocols

Updated 1 year ago

charred char checking

Updated 2 years ago

Template repository with some default files

Updated 2 months ago

My .files

Updated 1 month ago

Embed the nu engine in your rust application

Updated 4 months ago

A custom Containerfile for firefish

Updated 2 months ago

GameJam 22

Updated 10 months ago

I try to solve euler problems with haskell

Updated 2 months ago

Fork of helix with some PRs merged

Updated 3 weeks ago