I tested out roc for a bit

Updated 4 months ago

My silo dotfiles repo

Updated 5 days ago

A dotfile manager

Updated 2 months ago

Configuration of my cluster

Updated 1 month ago

A svelte rewrite of plantwiki

Updated 6 months ago

Install ArchLinux on an HP Omen 15 from 2018

Updated 7 months ago

K8S Cluster Configuration and apps

Updated 5 months ago

I try to solve euler problems with haskell

Updated 9 months ago

A custom Containerfile for firefish

Updated 10 months ago

Template repository with some default files

Updated 10 months ago

No chromium website

Updated 8 months ago

A static wiki site generator inspired by zola

Updated 9 months ago

Some of my nu scripts

Updated 11 months ago

A wiki for my houseplants

Updated 11 months ago

The firmware for a microcontroller with a gas sensor

Updated 11 months ago