charred char checking

Updated 3 years ago

The firmware for a microcontroller with a gas sensor

Updated 12 months ago

A yampad firmware for the rp2040 written in rust

Updated 1 year ago

A static wiki site generator inspired by zola

Updated 10 months ago

Fork of helix with some PRs merged

Updated 9 months ago

Node environment manager

Updated 1 year ago

Embed the nu engine in your rust application

Updated 4 months ago

A dotfile manager

Updated 3 months ago

A virtual machine that interprets custom bytecode to control a wifi led strip

Updated 4 years ago

A generic rust value

Updated 2 years ago

Rust wrapper for minecraft-data

Updated 4 months ago

Utility to perform operations on minecraft region files

Updated 4 years ago

Hydrus tagging with pixiv tags

Updated 6 months ago

A rust type to store an object with all associated traits

Updated 2 years ago

A nushell plugin for user interaction

Updated 5 months ago